Video Podcast: MAKE DO AND MEND

I was stoked to catch up with the guys in Make Do And Mend again when they came to Chicago on their tour with Senses Fail, Stick To Your Guns, and The Story So Far last November. I met James and Mike during their headlining tour earlier in the year and found them to be extremely kind and fun to be around. Our latest rendezvous was even more of that same fun-loving energy.

Make Do And Mend are one of those bands that “gets” it. Not only are they talented songwriters, but they are willing to put in the hard work day in and day out. I also appreciate the collaborative spirit they employ – as evidenced by their desire to record splits with other bands, feature other musicians on their recordings, and hire their friends to design album artwork or produce music videos.

The band was signed to Rise Records shortly after this interview was recorded and will be releasing the album they mention in the podcast on that label later this year.

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